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Special Exhibition

  • 10 X 10: The National Museum of Taiwan History – A Decade in
    Address : 3rd Special Exhibition Room, 4th Floor, Exhibition & Education Building
    In the 10 years since NMTH opened, more than 5,000,000 people have walked through our doors. Over the years, we have accumulated 140,000 collection pieces, organized 85 exhibitions, held hundreds of activities, while compiling and studying the history of Taiwan. During this time, we have grown, innovated, shown concern for Taiwan’s past and future as we strove to enhance the museum. We want...
  • Blessed to be a Global Citizen – the 100th Anniversary of the Taiwan Cultural Association
    Address : 1st Special Exhibition Room, 4th Floor, Exhibition & Education Building
    Changing a person’s concept of the world can change that person’s behavior. A change in a group of people’s concepts of the world can change the destiny of a country. The Taiwan Cultural Association was one of many social movement organizations that existed between 1921 and 1931. Its membership barely exceeded 1,000, and it was not the first social movement grouping in Taiwan’s history. ...
  • The Precious Boat on Shallow Waters: The Biographical History of Tshiú-the-á
    Address : Main Hall, 1st Floor, Exhibition & Education Building
    When speaking about boats in Taiwan’s history, the first image that comes to mind is probably that of a bulky cargo vessel sailing through ocean waters. Nevertheless, boats appeared not only on the far-off sea, but also in seemingly familiar surroundings. For over 60 years, a small vessel floated on the waters between Tainan and Anping, and then sailed into this very exhibition hall in the ...
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