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Special Exhibition

  • Sports Culture in East Asia: Taiwan-Japan Sports Exchange Exhibition
    Address : 2nd Special Exhibition Room, 4th Floor, Exhibition & Education Building
    Sports and athletics emerged as worldwide phenomena during the 19th century, when British overseas expansion and European imperialism were at their height. Certain physical activities became imbued with new, symbolic meanings, and were gradually woven into the social fabric of many cultures. Public awareness of organized sports in Taiwan came via Japan, which ruled the island as a colony fro...
  • I Draw Myself
    Address : 3rd Special Exhibition Room, 4th Floor, Exhibition & Education Building
    The National Comic Museum Preparatory Team launched the "I Draw Myself" comic contest to encourage comic creators to tell their unique stories creatively. The winning entries feature the creators' stories, lives, insights, dreams, inner and outer worlds, and other unique aspects about "Myself". Comics are like the key to the creator's heart. Through comics, creators show the public their mo...
  • The Precious Boat on Shallow Waters: The Biographical History of Tshiú-the-á
    Address : Main Hall, 1st Floor, Exhibition & Education Building
    When speaking about boats in Taiwan’s history, the first image that comes to mind is probably that of a bulky cargo vessel sailing through ocean waters. Nevertheless, boats appeared not only on the far-off sea, but also in seemingly familiar surroundings. For over 60 years, a small vessel floated on the waters between Tainan and Anping, and then sailed into this very exhibition hall in the ...
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