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The NMTH is dedicated to building a museum of history for all in Taiwan. By providing a range of digital resources, the NMTH hopes that the public can “see and hear” the everyday life of Taiwanese people and thus develop a deep understanding of the island’s past.
  • Modern Taiwan Newspaper Archive

    Study of the period of Japanese rule largely relies on the era’s three major newspapers: Taiwan Niji Niji Shinpo (in northern Taiwan), Tainan Shinpo (in southern Taiwan), and Taiwan Shinbun (in central Taiwan). A vivid symbol of the Tainan of yore, Tainan Shinpo had close ties with Tainan’s history, culture, business sectors, and people. It published many articles on local religion, folk customs, music, theater, and entertainment. It can also help us to know more about Taiwan’s political, social, economic, educational, and cultural circumstances in the early 20th century. Anyone interested in history can explore the details contained within those newspaper articles.

    So interested members of the public, scholars, and researchers can utilize data more conveniently, the NMTH and Tainan Public Library have established the Tainan Shinpo Database which digitizes Tainan Shinpo newspapers collected by Tainan Public Library. Also, Tainan Shinpo newspapers have been combined with an important collection of Taiwan Min Pao newspapers to create the Modern Taiwan Newspaper Database, providing researchers and those interested in Taiwan history with diverse and rich newspaper records.

  • School Life & Memory Database

    Based on the theme of “school life and memory,” which is shared by multiple generations, this website shows a collection of yearbooks from the Japanese period to postwar years, from all parts of Taiwan. Three kinds of historical materials are on display: school introduction, yearbooks, and photos. The website systematically lists relevant information and offers a diversified search engine and a thematic site map alongside a geographic information system. Through this site, both the general public and educational historians can look at student life and educational development over the last hundred years.

  • Tainan Studies Archive

    To advertise the achievements of early researchers working in the field of Tainan Studies, the NMTH has collected a few 1950s-era academic journals from the Tainan area, such as Tainan Culture, Nanying Literature, and Bulletin of the Tainan Historical and Cultural Association. Other than verifying and studying historical events, these journals provide detailed records of early cultural and historical workers who conducted field research and collected materials in various corners of Tainan. They are important reference materials for learning about the region.

  • A Hundred Years of Sounds and Music in Taiwan (Comprehensive Version for Internal Use)

    The NMTH has been collecting historical audio materials for years, and impressive results have been achieved in terms of the digitization of early shellac recordings and the re-presentation of sound studies. In 2015, the museum set up “A Hundred Years of Sounds and Music in Taiwan,” a website hosting a large amount of old music and sound. It now serves as a platform for academic exchange and public utilization of historical audios. More sound materials are being uploaded according to theme, and seminars and sharing sessions are held to gather and release relevant research outcomes.

    The website currently introduces a number of renowned Taiwanese musicians, such as Teng Yu-hsien, Chiang Wen-yeh, Sun Sun, and Hsu Shih, as well as themes such as the Taiwan Cultural Association, songs tied to particular eras, underground music, field recordings from different times, and 1970s TV advertisements. More are being added to the website. The site’s digitized albums are reproduced for academic conservation and research purposes. To an extent, they are also accessible to the public. Within the library’s data section, these albums are fully available for visitors who wish to listen for purposes of research or simple enjoyment.

  • History of Women in Taiwan

    To take a close look at the path Taiwan’s women have taken as they moved from tradition to modernity, this website studies, collects, and promotes a range of objects, images, and oral histories. It not only aims at deepening people’s understanding of gender issues, but also sheds light on how women in Taiwan, over the last hundred years, have walked away from household chores and participated more in society, and even how they have marched toward the world, made impacts, and helped to build a solid foundation for generations to come.

  • The Collections Web

    With a revised version launched in October 2020, NMTH Collections displays more than 140,000 objects, including private collections. It also provides users with a more diversified and convenient search function. The features, work, and revitalization of the museum’s collections are presented through 3D digitization, open data downloads, and knowledge transfer and learning. At this website, users may also apply online for authorized uses of donated cultural objects, as well as images, audio files, and videos.

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