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Our Land Our People, the permanent exhibition that tells the story of Taiwan over the centuries, displays 1,068 items in a 1,117 square-meter space. Different cultural relics are exhibited in each section, and the use of various methods of display creates rich and diverse perspectives. We especially recommend the six historical sections of Our Land Our People, but we also welcome everyone to visit and create their own favorite, one-of-a-kind exhibition tour.

Personally recommended by our team of curators, these collections of classic items hold many intriguing secrets. Do they reflect unique historical memories and life experiences of real people? Are they representative of a more local perspective? Or are they material keys, useful in the decoding of history? Let us explore different interpretations of these artifacts together!

Who says history is boring? Let’s “change” history together! Whether it is role-playing, card games, interactive picture books, or 3D cultural relic experiences, digital technology allows us to travel through time and space, dive into the dynamic text of history, and leave behind our own footprints and unique interpretations.

Check-in at the eye-catching historical scene reconstruction area! You can reenact kabedon dramas beside Japanese-era townhouses, encounter smugglers and stowaways on Qing Dynasty merchant ships, or rally with participants in modern sociocultural movements. Along with dazzling flying motorcycles, these are all classic Taiwan scenes.

Whose feelings does this voice convey? Which stories does it tell? Ballads, poetry, pop songs…voices that transcended the flow of time have left their own special imprints in history through lyrics and melodies, and they call for your undivided attention.

Reach out and touch the history of Taiwan! The seven main touch exhibits and Braille booth are tailored for the visually impaired, but allow everyone to experience and touch different aspects of Taiwanese history through multiple senses.

The history of Taiwan is full of challenges and struggles. In this land, some courageously come forward when facing oppression; some fight for freedom, unwilling to compromise with difficult situations; and some continue to speak out, hoping to bring an idealistic future into being. In the midst of conflict and resistance, we recognize the not-too-distant past as well as the challenge-filled present.