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Development Vision
We endeavor to be a space consisting of multiple dialogues that shape the cultural subjectivity, civil society, and cultural diversity of Taiwan.
Development Orientation
With the vision of "Taiwan in the World" and studies of Taiwan as the foundation, we strive to promote Taiwan’s cultural identity, through dialogue on historical issues, international cooperation, and intellectual property rights. We reiterate the value of multiculturalism, and our commitment to be a history museum at the national level that can shine a light on contemporary social issues.
Development Goals

● Become a window for the world to know Taiwan, and for Taiwan to regain self-awareness.

● Promote a dialogue of Taiwanese multiculturalism.

● Promote the importance of Taiwanese culture and its preservation.

● Become a hub for co-writing Taiwanese history and information sharing.

● Act as platform for confronting Taiwan’s contemporary social issues.

Development Strategies

● Promote the co-writing of history and social participation through the museum and the national cultural memory project.

● Help cultural preservation and renewal through working with locals.

● Improve the technique of relic preservation with an invigorated spirit.

● Conduct exhibitions that spark debate using contemporary social issues.

● Encourage the general public to use museum resources by promoting cultural equality.

● Broaden cultural discourse and world views by holding international joint exhibitions.

● Cultivate professional talents through research and strategic alliances.