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Adventure Time!
Let’s start our adventure through Time! Our Children’s Hall is a family-friendly interactive exhibition hall. It focuses on aspects of daily life throughout history, and presents the everyday lives of Taiwan’s diverse ethnic groups. The Hall is divided into three main areas: the Time Station that takes you on a train trip around Taiwan; activities that teach you to build houses, make clothes, and listen to different sounds; and tours that introduce cultural practices that developed in response to different natural environments. Within this exhibition hall, you can not only experience history and understand Taiwan’s diverse ethnic cultures, but also construct the future with your own hands.

The train station is a modern reminder of yesteryear. Let’s take a picture while we wait for the train to start! Board the train and open your eyes wide: We’re about to enter a historical time tunnel. As historical scenes flash by, let us go on an adventure into the past!

Old Tricycle Photoshoot Experience: Take a picture with a tricycle and print your own unique newspaper!

Train Station Theater: Board a shuddering train into the past and sneak peeks at the historical scenery outside the window.

Clothing is an important part of our daily lives. Imagine if you could wear clothing from different historical periods or different ethnic groups! Here you can also make your own clothes and become a stylish little tailor.

Dress The Doll: Dress big dolls in costumes from different historical periods and try new styles!

Magical Fitting Mirror: Try on clothing from different ethnic groups by standing in front of the mirror!

My Fitting Room: Everyone can be a tailor, and children can create their own exclusive clothing!

This area is filled with various interesting sounds from traditional daily life in Taiwan. With six audio devices, you can recreate an early Taiwanese soundscape. Whether it’s the babu sound ice-cream vendors made to announce their arrival, bicycles weaving through the streets, or children’s rattle drums, let’s hear once again enjoy those nostalgic and sweet sounds.

What kind of house do you live in? Houses reflect people’s lifestyles, and are unique cultural relics. The theme of this area is traditional Taiwanese houses, such as townhouses or sanheyuan (three-sided compounds). We provide materials and decorations so children can build their own old-style buildings in modern forms.

Build Old Houses: Use big building blocks to build your own classic, traditional house!

Puzzling Tiles: Create collages and solve puzzles on tables made of beautiful Majorca tiles.

Each of the six whales on the wall represents a Taiwan from the past. Each harbors its own vibrant historical memories. What will the future of Taiwan be like? Let children board the Island Whale Spaceship, imagine the daily lives of people in the future, and create their own expectations of a world yet to come.

Futuristic Spaceship: Draw a picture of what you think Taiwan’s future will be like, project it onto the spaceship, and take a picture with it!

Taiwan’s plains are centers of agriculture. How is rice, our staple food, produced? What sort of scenery can we see in the countryside? Let us explore the Taiwanese countryside together.

 Harvest Pinball: Turn the handle and let the marbles roll through the journey of rice as it grows, to see what kind of food it becomes in the end.

Field Club: Let children weave through fields of rice stalks.

Taiwan is a small island in the middle of the ocean. From the past to the present, many ethnic groups have developed marine cultures dependent on the ocean for survival. Children can board small boats, row the oars, and experience oceans filled with flying fish and mahi-mahi. As they learn about the legends and taboos of flying fish, they grasp the concepts of ecological sustainability behind these stories.

Finding Flying Fish: If you row the oars on the boats, you will see flying fish and related legends.

Taiwan’s vast forests hide natural treasures. Let us follow indigenous hunters, seeking footprints in the woods. Let us explore the mountains and hills, searching for traces of early Taiwanese people in low-elevation uplands.

Mountain Ecology: Make rubbings of the footprints on the ground. What cute animal might it be?

Resting in the Mountains: There are a few small tubes hidden in the trunks. If you look carefully, you might come across something interesting!