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Collection Authorization

The National Museum of Taiwan History (NMTH) has been digitalizing its collections since 2003 to reduce the risk of artifact handling and to make it easier for researchers to conduct studies. The collection digitization and information areaccessible on the official website. They provide an opportunity for academic research, education, and publication. In 2007, images and audio of the collections were launched. As of the end of 2019, more than 30,000 pieces of information have been used by the public, boosting collection utility and paving the way for information

Since the establishment of the museum’s preparatory office in 2000, the museum has received many enthusiastic and generous donations of antiquities. The number of donors now exceeds 500, from all over Taiwan and overseas. Many kinds of relics have been donated, including books and documents, household utensils, and audio-visual multimedia of early age. They range from coins and buttons to articles as large as cars and boats. Over the past ten years, the accumulated donations have reached more than 41,000 items, accounting for 32.6% of the total collection. In order to preserve precious cultural assets and further enrich the collection, people are encouraged to donate antiques and bear witness to the history of Taiwan together!