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NMTH’s permanent exhibits are spread across a spacious 3,892 square meters and span from prehistory to the present day. People hailing from far flung corners of the world met here in Taiwan. The ensuing conflicts, struggles, communication and reconciliation are told here through words, objects, and folktales. Along the way, the composition of Taiwan has been continually redefined. Taiwanese people of today are the product of this history and now it is our turn to write tomorrow’s story.


The Museum’s galleries are filled with abundant cultural artifacts, realistic landscapes, models of people and objects, multimedia presentations, and VR experiences that usher guests through a remarkable and emotional journey into Taiwan’s history. Adopting the concept of universal design, NMTH created an inclusive, accessible space where people in wheelchairs can comfortably enjoy the museum’s exhibits. Accessible learning resources include seven areas of tactile replica artifacts in a variety of materials, braille descriptions, descriptive audio guides, and an easy-to-read version of the museum guidebook. At this “Museum for All”, people of all abilities can experience history through several different senses.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, NMTH features three special exhibition rooms with a total area of 1,161 square meters. Curators meticulously organize a variety of special exhibitions in coordination with NMTH research and collection themes, which include cross-ethnic interaction, contemporary issues, new local historical studies, recollections of ordinary people, object biographies, and cultural accessibility. These exhibitions delve into the historical knowledge and life experiences of various ethnic groups from different perspectives and provide the audience with more diverse and in-depth explorations of history and culture. Since opening, we have organized 134 exhibitions, including 95 in-house, 11 overseas, and 28 off-site exhibitions. (Through December 31, 2023)

Awards received: 

The permanent exhibition 2.0 at NMTH, “Our Land Our People: The Story of Taiwan,” has been honored as a Gold Winner in the Interior Design - Exhibits, Pavilions & Exhibitions category of the International Awards Associates’ (IAA) MUSE Design Awards.

The augmented reality (AR) mobile game app “The Adventure of Spirits,” has won the Silver Award in the App - Cultural (NEW) category at the Muse Creative Awards in the United States.