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About "Historical Taiwan"

Launched in 2010 by NMTH, the journal "Historical Taiwan" aims to showcase the multifaceted nature of Taiwan studies. The publication prides itself on featuring articles that bring fresh perspectives to historical sources and cultural artifacts, while highlighting innovative discussions on exhibitions, curation, and public service. Our goal is to motivate emerging researchers to explore new academic frontiers.


Since being upgraded to a third-level agency under the Ministry of Culture in October 2021, the museum has carried on the esteemed tradition of being "Everyone's NMTH" while ambitiously working towards a broader vision of becoming "The World's NMTH." Concurrently, "Historical Taiwan" is broadening its scope to encompass an extensive range of scholarly work in museum history and allied disciplines.


"Historical Taiwan" is a biannual publication, with editions released in May and November each year. This scholarly journal includes research in both Chinese and English, covering a wide range of subjects such as Taiwanese history, museology, the conservation and scientific study of cultural artifacts, material culture, and “'Doing History in The Museums.” Research that specifically explores the museum's collections, exhibitions, educational programs, and acquisitions is highly encouraged.


●The types of articles solicited for the journal include: 


■Academic Papers: Original research papers adhering to academic format standards, capped at about 30,000 characters.

■Research Reports:  Preliminary field survey records, oral interview records, or data compilations preceding academic papers. These reports introduce, analyze, or verify museum artifacts, historical objects, archival materials, exhibitions, public services, and educational outreach. They may also include scientific testing and interviews, each capped at about 10,000 characters.

■Reviews: Offering analysis and commentary on a range of subjects including books, papers, exhibitions, events, activities, policies, public services, and educational initiatives that align with the journal's scope, both within Taiwan and internationally. This category encompasses research dialogues, exhibition critiques, discussions on collection strategies, book introductions and reviews, sharing of experience reports, and other brief essays, each capped at about 8,000 characters.

■Reports: Observations and reports on various exhibitions, events, developments, policies, and more, both within Taiwan and globally, which align with the journal's theme and enhance understanding and expertise. This category covers a wide range of topics, including seminars, workshops, reading groups, artifact evaluations, course series, exhibition activities, educational initiatives, exchange visits, research developments, and other pertinent activities. Each report or observational article is capped at approximately 5,000 characters.

●Please adhere to our journal's style guide when submitting articles. For history-related submissions, use the historical style guide of our journal, and for art-related submissions (including museum studies), use the art style guide. Do not mix styles from different disciplines in the same article. For the specific style guides and application forms, please visit our website to download them at (Submission Page Link), or request them via email at

●For submissions, please send your manuscript and application directly to: In the subject line, please indicate: “Historical Taiwan” Submission