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“Watch Taiwan”

The magazine “Watch Taiwan,” first issued in 2009, is a richly illustrated and informative quarterly publication dedicated to Taiwanese history. It holds the distinction of being the nation's first Taiwanese history magazine for a general audience, uniquely presented through a combination of graphics and text. Each edition artfully combines the latest scholarly research with contemporary social concerns, offering fresh perspectives and engaging narratives to reframe historical content. Praised by history enthusiasts, educators, and bibliophiles, “Watch Taiwan” has also been recognized with the prestigious 43rd and 45th Golden Tripod Awards, playing a significant role in introducing many to the National Museum of Taiwan History. 

Each issue of “Watch Taiwan” meticulously selects distinct topics, offering a perspective that connects history with daily life. The magazine delves into NMTH's extensive collection, featuring select items from over 140,000 ancient maps, archives, old photographs, and artifacts, providing insights into these treasures. It employs dynamic visual design to weave together historical narratives that might otherwise remain unnoticed. Through carefully researched and beautifully designed visual imagery, illustrations, and colorized historical photos, “Watch Taiwan” vividly reconstructs historical moments, while also engaging contemporary issues through the lens of history and includes in-depth interviews with local community members and unsung individuals. This approach narrows the distance between the reader and the past, fostering an appreciation of how the present is deeply interconnected with history.