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  • A Collision Experiment between History and Technology

  • How shall we revisit History? Throughout human history there have been a number of media by which we learn of the history past, including printed books and written documents, pictures and motion-picture video images. Virtual Reality is a brand-new way to present history. In a multi-sensory space of panoramic immersion history can be seen, heard and encountered. In VR History Recreated, you will be immersed in historical time and space, and explore the dynamic virtual of history from different ways of the past. 

Now in theaters

VR《Paliljaw 1874》


Paliljaw, is our name, the people of the sun who live in Hengchun Penonsula for lifelong. In the year 1874, when the Japanese army attacked our tribe, we secretly agreed to guard the Shimen Canyon to protect our homes. As tribal members, what can we do to protect our community?

VR《1895, Taipei》


In 1895, the Qing Dynasty ceded Taiwan to Japan, and the hastily established Republican soldiers looted and burned, Japanese forces lured beneath the walls of Taipei City as it was racked by flames. Facing a critical life and death moment, what choice should Taiwanese make?



The residents of Madou complained that aquaculture farmers indiscriminately dug fish farms that caused flooding of their homes. As the argument rages, can local officials resolve their differences? What is the key to the solution?

Service Description:

  • (1) VR experiences are free of charge. Register at the VR History Recreated on the 4th floor of the Exhibition & Education Building. Instructions for registration will be listed in on-site announcements.
  • (2) The length of each film is about 13 minutes (3 minutes of instructions and 10 minutes of film).
  • (3) There are six seats in the venue, including one wheelchair space.
  • (4) Please carefully read the regulations and assess your health before participating.
  • (5) The VR Experience will start on time, according to the schedule in on-site announcements.
  • (6) The museum reserves the right to modify the service description above. For matters not covered, please refer to on-site announcements in the museum.

Experience Notice:

  • (1) Children over age 7 and 120 cm can enter the VR exhibition. Parental accompaniment is recommended for children aged 7-12.
  • (2) People suffering from claustrophobia, hyperacusis, respiratory diseases, eye diseases, infectious diseases, epilepsy, or dizziness, who are intoxicated or in a poor mental state, and/or in state of physical discomfort, should not register.
  • (3) Physically and/or mentally disabled people should consult on-site staff before registration. The VR Experience includes rotation of the seat. Those who cannot rotate their neck, back, and waist will not be able to enjoy a complete experience.
  • (4) For full viewing quality, wearing loose clothing is recommended. Some hairstyles and glasses may make it more difficult for you to wear VR glasses. The museum is not responsible for damage caused to your glasses or accessories.
  • (5) If you experience discomfort, close your eyes briefly, or raise your hand to inform the staff.
  • (6) Those who intentionally damage the equipment will be liable to compensate the museum. Please use the equipment carefully and wisely.
  • (7) If there is a need for languages other than Chinese (Mandarin), please inform the staff when purchasing tickets.
  • (8) The museum reserves the right to modify the regulations above. For matters not covered, please refer to on-site announcements in the museum.